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Kamal was born in Shiraz, Iran in 1964. In 1998 he moved to Canada. During his youth, which was marked by revolution, he fell in love with photography. He discovered his interest for documentary photography during the Iran-Iraq war, which resulted in him being drafted into the army. After the war, under the mentorship of Chehrenegar, a renowned Iranian photographer, his interest in photography grew leading him to pursue it professionally.


In 2003, Kamal moved to Montreal, where he not only had an opportunity to learn French but to also dedicate himself to the visual arts, primarily in long-term documentary photography and filmmaking.

His intimate long-term documentary work with Stanley Lewis, a renowned Quebecois sculptor, garnered Kamal recognition from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, where he was exhibited in 2006. In 2007 he was also invited by Galerie Espace Arts de Feu to do an exhibition on his work.


Kamal's works have been published in a variety of Iranian, North American, and European books, magazines, and newspapers. His work has also been displayed internationally in individual and collective exhibitions and can be found in several public and private collections. In his most recent exhibition, in the Museum of Masters and Artisans of Quebec, he had an opportunity to show his long-term documentary photography comparing the life of the Indigenous people in Canada to the Nomads of Iran. This long-term documentary has inspired him to pursue work on a variety of new exhibitions.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, he has started work on many different projects regarding Covid-19, including projects titled My Ghost Town, Seeking Solace in the 21st Century, and The INDETERMINATE ENCOUNTERS.







2019   EXIL– PEUPLES D’ICI ET D’AILLEURS, Museum of Masters and Artisans of Quebec, Exhibition from May 4 to 26, 2019. MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA.

2019    Black Colored, Haan Art gallery, , July, 2019, Iran, Shiraz.


2016   Landscapes, Views and Perspectives. Mount- Royal Park, Chalet du Mont-Royal, Montreal, Quebec. May 9 to October 30, 2016.

2016   Pure Presence, Negahe-no Art Gallery, Isfahan, Iran.

2016   Pow-Wow, Vesal Art Gallery, Shiraz, Fars, Iran.

2014   First Nations: Proud of our heritage! Aboriginal Arts Fair, Holiday Inn Montreal Midtown, 420 Sherbrooke West, MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA

2014   First Nations: Proud of our heritage! UQAM , MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA

2013   Date December 6, 2013 - September 28, 2014. SNOW: A group exhibition at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. An exhibition created by the Canadian Museum of Civilization in partnership with the J. Armand Bombardier Museum. OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA.

2010   Brother Andre, Cote-des-Neiges Community Center, MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA

2010   Horizons and contrasts Mekic Gallery, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


2009   Haunting and Intriguing Light in Quebec, Shiraz Azad University, Shiraz, Fars, Iran

2009   IRAN AND INDIA, Mekic Gallery, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2008   Contact Photography Festival, Between Memoir and History, Toronto, ON, Canada,

2006   Stanley Lewis as seen by Kamal, Musée des Beaux-arts de Montréal salon des amis, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2006   2007, Stanley Lewis as seen by Kamal, Galerie Espace Arts de Feu, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2003   A Canadian's View of the World, an Iranian's view of Canada, Calgary, AB, Canada

2002   Art Exhibit annually by the Canada day Committee Calgary & Area. Calgary, AB, Canada

2002   Mysteries of Iran An Enduring Empire, Calgary, AB, Canada

2001   Remembering Persepolis Images From Iran, Calgary, AB, Canada

2001   The People and Architecture of Iran. Calgary, AB, Canada

2001   Collection of Red Flowers in spring in Iran. Calgary, AB, Canada

2000   The People and Ancient Architecture of Iran. Calgary, AB, Canada

1999   Ancient Buildings and the Iranian People

1999   A New Millennium: Multicultural and Spiritual Insights. Calgary, AB, Canada

1999   Flowers and Old Gardens Slide Show Accompanied by live music

1999   Abstract Photography and Nature of Iran

1998   The Gallery art and design, Shiraz, Iran, View of Kurdistan and Kurdish

1997   The sketch Gallery, Shiraz, Iran, View of old Shiraz

1994   International Exhibition Photography, Buras Turkey

1994   First Festival of the War Handicapped, Photography, Tehran, Iran

1994   Second Festival of Sooreh, Tehran, Iran

1994   Forth Festival of Youth Cinema Association, Shiraz, Iran

1994   First Seminar of, Views of Fars Province, Shiraz, Iran

1993   Active Participation in Polish International Exhibition Warsaw, Poland

1993   Salon International D’Art Photography, Orleans, France

1993   First Festival of Youth Cinema Association, Ahvaz, Iran

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