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The old Shiraz 2016.

Old Shiraz is one of the on-going long-term documentary photography projects in Iran which I began producing in 2013.  In 1998, I left Shiraz, the city I was born, to immigrate to Canada. I didn't know when would be the next time that I would go back to Iran. After 15 years in 2013 when the first time I back to my city I saw many deferent changes especially in the neighborhood that I loved to go for photography and we called it the Old Shiraz. For two decades of developmental change everything. The City has destroyed thousands of historic houses in the neighborhood to build a road to connect two existing mosques, as well as to build hotels, a large market, and shops for religious tourists. The project just was started before I left Iran. The lives of the residents of the neighborhood have been disrupted, including municipal evictions, which have not been remunerated for their fair value. The city forces many people to evacuate home the place most of them several generations born and live. Several of these houses are over 500 years old and part of the history of the city are It was completely gone. These people live in old Shiraz some of them are still worn a traditional dress and they are very open-handed and some of them invited me to over old houses for photography. I met different kinds of people from gangsters by traditional dress to handyman and pigeon racing people. In 2016 when I back to Iran for the second time I decide to take a photo of these people they were still living there. The reason because maybe next time when I back to that neighborhood the people and these houses have disappeared forever and join the history and only existing in people's minds.

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