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Longueil dans notre oeil, 2023

In the vibrant months of May and June 2023, my comrade Jason Gillingham and I embarked on a riveting journey, immersing ourselves in a daring documentary portrait photography project within the bustling metro of Longueuil, Quebec, Canada. Our mission? Discover the vibrant Multicultural community of Longueuil, fearlessly exploring the depths of their unique experiences and stories. Armed with both digital and Hasselblad medium-format film cameras, we ventured forth with unwavering determination.


Every day, we erected our impromptu studio within the heart of the Longueuil-University of Sherbrook metro station, beckoning forth the curious souls traversing its bustling corridors. With an open invitation, we extended our hands to all who dared to pause, inviting them to become part of our visual tapestry. The resulting images stand as a powerful testament to the bold individuals who seized the opportunity to bare their souls before our lens. Some chose to remain elusive, captured in enigmatic profiles that echo the transient essence of commuter life, while others boldly confronted the camera, embracing its gaze and the untold narratives it promised to unveil.

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